Sha Suja, the Nawab of Bengal, to escape from his enemies, sought protection in the kingdom of Arracan. The then king of Arracan gave him shelter but asked Sha Suja to give the latter’s three daughters in marriage to his (kings) sons. Sha Suja did not consent and this enraged the king who ordered Sha Suja and his three daughters to be carried in a boat and drowned. Sha Suja and the eldest daughter perished but the second daughter Julia was rescued by Rahamat one of Sha Suja’s followers.

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Rahamat subsequent lost trace of Julia, while Amina, the youngest daughter, was rescued by Alnasa, a fisherman of Arracan who kept her in his house as his adopted daughter under the name of Tinni. After some time the old king of Arracan died and his son Shajenan becz me the king. One day Shajenan by chance saw Tinni at the fisherman’s place and was enamoured of her. Shajenan was ignorant of the fact that Tinni (Amina) wasone of the daughters of Sha Suja.

The story opens with Shajenan being lovesick and finding no comforts in anything. Rahamat appears asa fakeer and relates to Shajenan the story how his father treated Sha Suja and his daughters. Rahamat informs Shajenan that two of the daughters escaped death by drowning and that it has been rumoured that the daughters are living in hiding somewhere in Arracan. Rahamat asks Shajenan to institute a search for the girls. Shajenan, extremely grieved at hearing the atrocities committed by his father promise to make a search. Shajenan requests his friend Taher to help him in his search. ln the meantime Shajenan concealing his identity, goes to see Tinni at the fisherman’s house, under the fictitious name of Dalia. Amina falls in love with Dalia whom she takes to be an ordinary person.

Julia who has been wandering all over Arracan seeking opportunities to avenge her father’s and sister’s death finds out Amina in the fisherman’s hut. Julia is surprised to find Amina not only changed in mind but actually requesting Julia to forget what was past and desist from the idea of taking revenge. Julia relates their history to Amina hoping that by that Amina might fall in with her (Julia) views and help her to take revenge on the royal family of Arracan. Taher overhears the conversation between Julia and Amina whose identity is thus revealed to him. Taher informs Shajenan that Tinni is no other than one of the daughters of Sha Suja and that the other daughter Julia is also living with Tinni. Taher also informs Shajenan of the promise Julia made regarding taking revenge on the royal family of Arracan. Shajenan in the role of Dalia continues to meet Amina and Julia at the fisherman’s place. Julia at first tries to keep away from Shajenan, but ultimately falls in love with him.

After sometime Shajenan, as the king of Arracan. sends on order to the fisherman to bring the two girls living with him to the palace where the girls will be immates of the king’s harem. Hearing this, Julia and Amina despair of their love and finding no other way but submitting to the king’s orders, determine to kill the king when they come face to face with him. When Julia and Amina are brought before the king they are surprised to find that king Shajenan and Dalia are one and the same person.Shajenan asks the girls to avenge their father’s death but love at last overcomes the thirst for revenge and both the girls are married to Shajenan.

The above synopsis was written by Dr. S. Chakravarti for the foreign audience when this drama was staged by the Club in 1922.